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Proudly situated in the heart of Nova
Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, Robinsons is a
Canadian producer of fine cannabis. Always
small-batch and hand-tended,
our product is grown for and best enjoyed
by the discerning consumer. Driven by
an unwavering commitment to
craftsmanship, our focus has always
been to grow the best cannabis — cannabis
that is known simply as Robinsons.

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Andrew Robinson with cannabis plant Andrew Robinson with cannabis plant

Our Story

It begins with a plant: Cannabis. This beautiful, complex plant inspired passionate connoisseur and intrepid visionary Andrew Robinson to share the product of his unparalleled cultivation methodologies with the world. Upon assembling an expert team of horticulturalists, plant scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, Robinsons Cannabis was established in 2014. Driven by a lifelong pursuit of excellence and precision, his namesake product has become a respected industry touchstone of both quality and esteem — and the backbone of our company. As our operations continue to grow, our focus remains resolute: produce a premium product, one which will both elevate and enhance the personal cannabis experience for purveyors of quality goods.

The Region

Located at the base of two vast mountain ranges — adjacent to the Bay of Fundy on the north, neighbouring the Atlantic Ocean on the south — the sun-kissed Annapolis Valley experiences a mild micro-climate, producing consistent temperatures and evenly-distributed rainfall patterns throughout the year. Its rich, nutrient-dense soil is comprised of pure eroded glacial runoff, creating fertile land ideal for precise crop production and distinctive terroir. Historically inhabited by the Mi’kmaq Indigenous peoples then colonized by Acadian settlers in the early 1600s, this lush, coastal region is widely considered one of the most abundant agricultural areas within Atlantic Canada, as well as one of the country’s most robust wine-producing regions. We’re proud to call it home.